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Phil and Denise brought their families together for an early-morning brunch wedding at Lidia’s in Kansas City, MO. I have to say, I kind of love a brunch wedding. I mean come on, I love brunch, I love weddings, how could a brunch wedding not be incredible?
Between Phil, Denise, their children, and their families, it was a truly beautiful day. The children provided music and a touching handmade wooden cross that was finished during the ceremony. Denise’s sister made the stunning wedding cake, and a close friend provided the flowers. Top it all off with brunch from Lidia’s (Yum!) and you have an amazing morning.


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Let’s just call this an anniversary post as it is a couple years in the making. I am working to get caught-up on blogging all of my past weddings, so I figured I should start with one of my favorites.
Selena and Angie had their gorgeous late-summer wedding at The Bauer in Kansas City, MO. They had covered the place in fresh flowers, slices of raw wood, and my personal favorite – vintage cameras (maybe if I get ambitious I will post about my vintage camera collection sometime).

Anyone that knows Selena and Angie, knows that they spend all of their time taking care of other people. They give of themselves fully and without question. Maybe that was why it was so amazing getting to witness their family and friends, coming together to give back to these two. They were surrounded by so much love, tears, and laughter (and don’t forget, an amazing dancing grandmother) ad they said their vows and then danced the night away.

Ladies, I’m so pleased to call you friends, and am beyond thankful that I got to spend your day with you. Happy anniversary!


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I was so lucky to get to photograph the birth of sweet little Tatum at the end of July. I had photographed his big sister’s newborn photos about a year and a half ago, and I was super excited to hear they were having baby number 2, and to get the request to do their birth photos this time around.

I received a text message on his due date saying that things were starting to progress, and giving me a heads up. His momma labors very quickly (and like a total rock star if I do say so myself), so I had asked her to keep me posted as often as possible, just so I could make sure not to miss anything. Turns out that early the next morning, contractions were steady enough for her to go to the hospital. I met them there around 10:00 am, planning on being at the hospital for an all day event… it only took her two and a half hours!!! Can you believe it? Tatum was born just a little after noon, into a room full of family.

There are few words to describe such an amazing experience, but I’ll try to sum up like this:

  • Mom barely even grimaced the entire time she labored… and she did it unmedicated (I told you she was a rock star).
  • Little Piper, playing hand puppets with her dad… Adorable!
  • Watching a new life come screaming into this world, arms held wide, ready to take it all in.
  • Seeing a father look at his daughter, with such pride and admiration at the amazing work she had just done.
  • True and complete love at first sight.

I hope you enjoy my images.




Just a quick note… look closely and you’ll see one of the newborn photos that I took of Piper, on Grandma’s phone case. 🙂

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Being a new momma myself, I have such a love for photographing parents-to-be. I just know how excited they are for their little girl to be joining their family. I can remember the feeling so vividly myself that it is hard not to be excited for them.

These two were just so adorably cute. They welcomed me into their beautiful home to start their photos, then they braved the cold (and I mean REALLY cold) to walk to the park with me for a few shots. I’m looking forward to photographing their little girl once she makes her arrival at the beginning of the year.

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Talk about incredible! I spent my Saturday afternoon photographing Allison’s Very Hungry Caterpillar themed 1st birthday party. Now I will admit, I am a self-proclaimed detail junky. I love planning, designing, and creating the tiny little details that really make an event special. Well… the details at this party blew me away! From the adorable centerpieces, to the meticulously planned food tables, everything about this party showed how much love and attention was put into its planning. Allison… you’re one lucky girl!  Happy Birthday

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