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I was so lucky to get to photograph the birth of sweet little Tatum at the end of July. I had photographed his big sister’s newborn photos about a year and a half ago, and I was super excited to hear they were having baby number 2, and to get the request to do their birth photos this time around.

I received a text message on his due date saying that things were starting to progress, and giving me a heads up. His momma labors very quickly (and like a total rock star if I do say so myself), so I had asked her to keep me posted as often as possible, just so I could make sure not to miss anything. Turns out that early the next morning, contractions were steady enough for her to go to the hospital. I met them there around 10:00 am, planning on being at the hospital for an all day event… it only took her two and a half hours!!! Can you believe it? Tatum was born just a little after noon, into a room full of family.

There are few words to describe such an amazing experience, but I’ll try to sum up like this:

  • Mom barely even grimaced the entire time she labored… and she did it unmedicated (I told you she was a rock star).
  • Little Piper, playing hand puppets with her dad… Adorable!
  • Watching a new life come screaming into this world, arms held wide, ready to take it all in.
  • Seeing a father look at his daughter, with such pride and admiration at the amazing work she had just done.
  • True and complete love at first sight.

I hope you enjoy my images.




Just a quick note… look closely and you’ll see one of the newborn photos that I took of Piper, on Grandma’s phone case. 🙂

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