Phil & Denise | beautiful brunch wedding

Phil and Denise brought their families together for an early-morning brunch wedding at Lidia’s in Kansas City, MO. I have to say, I kind of love a brunch wedding. I mean come on, I love brunch, I love weddings, how could a brunch wedding not be incredible?
Between Phil, Denise, their children, and their families, it was a truly beautiful day. The children provided music and a touching handmade wooden cross that was finished during the ceremony. Denise’s sister made the stunning wedding cake, and a close friend provided the flowers. Top it all off with brunch from Lidia’s (Yum!) and you have an amazing morning.


Brunch wedding_0002.jpg
Brunch wedding_0011.jpg
Brunch wedding_0008.jpg
Brunch wedding_0017.jpg
Brunch wedding_0006.jpg
Brunch wedding_0016.jpg
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